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Understanding The Four C S Of Diamond Stud Earrings

When you are buying diamond stud earrings there are four main things that you need to be concerned with. These main things are called the four C's and they determine both the cost and the quality of the diamond earrings you are buying. The four C's are carat, cut, color and clarity.

The actual weight of the stone you buy is called the carat of the diamond. This is a huge factor that determines the price of the diamond. As is to be expected the bigger the carat the more you will pay for the diamond stud earrings. There are a wide variety of carat sizes to choose from making it easy to find the size carat that fits both your needs and your budget.

The cut is considered to be the most important feature when it comes to diamonds. This is because the cut is what affects the intensity of the diamond. It is what determines how much the diamond sparkles with color and how much light can radiantly reflect through it. When the stone shines with lots of color and the light reflects vividly through it, then it is considered to be a perfectly cut diamond. A cut that is too shallow will be dull and lifeless while a cut too deep will not reflect light and it will appear dark.

The diamond cut will be a major factor in determining the price of the diamond. They range on a scale of "fair, good, very good and ideal" with fair being the least expensive and ideal being the most expensive. Most shoppers searching for quality at an affordable price will search for the "very good" diamond cut. It costs a considerable amount less than you would pay for the "ideal" cut, but it is an excellent choice that reflects a good amount of light allowing it to sparkle and shine beautifully.

A diamond has what is called "fire" and the color of a diamond is used to grade the amount of fire each stone has. The "fire" is the amount of rainbow color that is projected from the prism effect the diamond produces. The reason the color of the diamond is used in rating the amount of fire it has is because the less color it has the more "fire" it produces. Diamond "fire" is rated on a scale from D to Z with D being the very best grade found.

A rating system is used to determine the clarity of a diamond. This system rates the stone according to the amount of flaws it has which are found inside the diamond and on the surface. The amount of flaws a stone has helps to determine the cost of the diamond. If a diamond is rated flawless it will be very expensive because they are hard to find.

Most of the diamonds that you find will have some type of flaws, but this doesn't mean that you are not receiving good quality. The more you pay for the diamond, the fewer flaws and blemishes it will have.

Using the four C's method will help you to find the best quality diamond stud earrings around for the best price. The more you know about diamonds the easier it will be to make a wise choose and get the most for your money.

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