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Understanding The Four C S Of Diamond Stud Earrings
When you are buying diamond stud earrings there are four main things that you need to be concerned with. These main things are called the four C's and they determine both the cost and the quality of the diamond earrings you are buying. The four C's are carat, cut, color and clarity.
The actual weight of the stone you buy is called the carat of the diamond. This is a huge factor that determines the price of the diamond. As is to be expected the bigger the carat the more you will pay for the diamond stud earrings. There are a wide variety of carat sizes to choose from making it easy to find the size carat that fits both your needs and your budget ....

Sonics Online the Importance of Keeping Your Jewelry Clean
If you have jewelry, it doesn't matter how much it cost you, you should always try to keep it as clean as possible. Not only does keeping your jewelry clean make it shine and sparkle better than if it was dirty, but it also can help your jewelry last for a lifetime.
There are all kinds of reasons why a piece of jewelry might need cleaning. It could be dirty from everyday wear. The sweat and salt in your skin, any soap residue if you didn't take your ring off from washing your hands, even food or other particles that might get stuck in a piece of jewelry can make it lose its luster ....

The Basics Of Diamond And Gold Jewelry Buying
What woman does not love a good bargain, especially with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the Winter Solstice just around the corner, every body tries to get a good bargain and stretch their hard earned dollars.
This is true more so if you are planning to buy diamond and gold jewelry, because there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before starting to look around for the perfect jewelry as a gift. You have to consider a lot of things that will factor into making this gift giving a very satisfactory experience ....

Tips For Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring
In order to get the best deal when buying cars and diamond engagement rings, it is extremely important to do some research on the same, which will only ensure that you do not get duped by the sales person who is always willing to take advantage of uninformed buyers.
When the jewelers see that you are knowledgeable about what you want to purchase, then they can not cheat nor trick you into buying diamond rings, whose value is less then what the sales person may claim. So, for you to prepare yourself to get the best deal one should have then a quick step reference containing the details about the prices of the various varieties of diamonds and print outs of the same from various on-line sites may be want you need. A good diamond buying book is also a big help since it helps you in spotting a fake and worthless diamond ....

Synthetic And Treated Colored Diamonds
The great value of fancy color diamonds has enticed many modern-day alchemists to try to recreate these rare and beautiful gems in their laboratories. As scientific knowledge of the origins of natural fancy color diamonds increases so does the efforts to create a variety of colored diamonds become more successful.
Synthetic diamonds are artificial diamonds that have been created in a laboratory by varying the heat and pressure during formation, adding foreign elements, and irradiating the finished crystals. The majority of synthetic diamonds can be made to imitate natural colored stones. There is currently a wide spectrum of synthetic colored diamonds available on the market ....
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